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Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Yes! We don’t, and never will, test on animals. Instead, each product has been vigorously tested by ourselves and our team. Each product is also patch-tested on sensitive skin-types before they make it to our store.

I'm allergic to nuts, can I still use your products?

We don't use any nut oils within our products to make sure more people can use them! However, we do use coconut and seed oils. Individuals with tree nut allergy should check with a medical professional beforehand if they have any allergies to these - very rarely, they may also have allergy with coconut and shea butter.

Are essential oils safe?

Yes, they are! There is alot of debate as to whether essential oils are safe, but the evidence shows that, when formulated correctly, they are perfectly safe and in fact impart a huge range of benefits both to the body, the ksin and the mind. Individuals with highly sensitive skin types may be more sensitive to essential oils, however, so we encourage all to patch test before use. If you’re able to use them, you’re very lucky to be able to experience the benefits! 

Pregnant women should avoid essential oils, however, and we advise to contact the relevant medical professional for guidance on this.  

All your skincare is natural and organic, does this mean I won't be allergic?

It means you're probably less likely to be allergic. Although essential oils which we use in our products can also be sensitising too for sensitive skin. We do recommend everyone - even without sensitive skin- to patch test for 24hrs beforehand just in case!

Are your products safe?

Yes! The most potent ingredients we use are essential oils, but even these are used at small amounts within safe limits. Essential oils may be sensitising however, even in their small quantities, similar to how each of us are different and can be sensitive to all sorts of things. All our products have been independently assessed and are registered with the EU.

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